All Rights Reserved and Copyrights of Brandywine Business Services 2021 government/national Accounting: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: The AICPA is the premier national professional association in the United States. Committed to member service and the public interest, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and its predecessors have been serving the accounting profession since 1887. Governmental: The Internal Revenue Service Home of the IRS on the Web. The IRS has definitely done a nice job on their Website. Professional Contacts: Sage Financial Group, Inc. Sage Financial Group, Inc is Cetrulo & Morgan Group's partner in providing the most comprehensive financial and investment planning services possible to their clients - both individuals and corporate clients alike. Sage Financial Group has been nationally recognized (i.e. Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, New York Times) for its skills in financial planning and investment management. Sage manages over $300 million in assets encompassing personal investments, 401(k) plans, pension and profit sharing plans and endowment funds.   There are many great sites on the World Wide Web but trying to actually find those great sites can be a frustrating experience. We have compiled a list of Websites that we have found to be helpful resources of information. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up. Close the window when you are ready to return to this page. Wilmington Better Business Bureau The BBB is a non-profit organization funded by dues from member companies. BBB members must adhere to strict guidelines and settle disputes  in a fair and efficient manner. The Bureau issues reports about companies to the public on both members and non-members.  The BBB works closely with local and national media to alert the public about the latest schemes and scams affecting the marketplace. Bureau  staff cooperates extensively with local, state and federal law enforcement to eradicate fraud.  Delaware State Chamber of Commerce  The mission of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce is to promote an economic climate that strengthens the competitiveness of Delaware  businesses and benefits citizens of the state. The Chamber will provide services members want; it will serve and be recognized as the primary  resource on matters affecting companies of all sizes, and it will be the leading advocate for business with government in Delaware.  Through programs, legislative advocacy, publications, small-business services and special networking events, the State Chamber is continually  providing an enriched environment for businesses and communities to grow. The State Chamber is having a challenging and successful year in  2003, with unequaled service to the community of Delaware-one day and one business at a time.  New Castle County Chamber of Commerce  The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce is a local organization that aspires to create a prosperous economic environment in the county. It  serves as the premier resource for business growth by providing programs and services contributing to the success of its members.  Free Resources Delaware Society of Certified Public Accountants The DSCPA is a Delaware-based professional association devoted to the field of public accounting. Its mission is to enhance the Accounting profession and to serve its members. Five Bold Steps: 1) Reinvigorate committee structure with the following committees: Technology, Public Service, Tax, Small Practitioners, Recruiting and New Member Professional Standards, 2) Increase public awareness by integrating activities with other business groups and public relations, 3) Expand staff to better serve our members, 4) Bring quality and diverse CPE to our members, 5) Promote legislative agenda and strengthen relationships NEWS:  MSNBC - Microsoft & NBC MSNBC is the place for up to the minute news. Many of the news articles have audio and video clips. Money Magazine Money Magazine offers an online edition that is a great resource for financial information. 302.658.6272